This is me, Gabi.

About Gabi

Hello. My name is Gabi! I am a mother of two boys and after the birth of my first son through a Cesarean, I realized that there was more to birth preparation than hiring a doula, typing birth plans, and memorizing endless information and breathing techniques. I was extremely “prepared" for my first birth. I was armed with a plan and affirmations and when my birth plan went out the window I felt lost and blindsided.


I became pregnant with my second son and I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean) and that this time I would do things differently.

I would ask myself different questions, inquiry within, and welcome the unknown.


Shortly after my successful VBAC, I trained as a Birth Story Listener under the mentorship of the amazing Pam England, the matriarch of Birthing from Within Movement, and my life was changed. So much of what she talked about resonated with me. After this, I decided to train as a Childbirth Educator and a Birth Doula through Birthing from Within.


Training and Experience

Gabi is trained and certified as a Childbirth Educator from Birthing from Within. She is as with The VBAC Link Advance Doula program and she’s a VBAC Practitioner from Naturelle VBAC, and is currently seeking certification through Birthing from Within and DONA as a birth doula. 


She has also completed Breastfeeding Counselor training and certification with Breastfeeding Friends Sharjah. She completed the water birth workshop with Barbara Harper from Water Birth International. Gabi has experience with hospital, postpartum care, and loves to support parents with breastfeeding. She also has trained as a Birth Story Listener, Baby Massage with Blossom and Berry and is a certified Mental Health First Aider through Lighthouse Arabia in Dubai.

She is also continuously educating herself locally with birth and breastfeeding courses.