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not your average childbirth preparation workshop

Birthing from within workshop is designed to support parents to explore, ask questions, try new and different things safely with the support of the mentor. It's a balanced and honest childbirth preparation based on mindfulness techniques, breathing practices, and self-compassion.


Classes bought in a doula bundle will take place in a group of max of 5 couples (or privately if specified by me)

birthing from within



what we cover

In the workshop we'll explore:

  • Building a pain-coping mindset

  • Stages of Labor: How the mum and their partner can cope through each stage

  • Hands-on support techniques for birth partners

  • Breathing and self-calming techniques

  • Fostering communication within parents

  • Cultivate a resilient and open mind around birth.

  • The inner journey through birth and postpartum

  • How to foster collaborative communication with your birth attendant (midwife, nurse, doctor)

  • Epidural, induction, and cesarean birth: How to cope with the unknown.

  • Fostering self-compassion for the challenges of labor

  • Making postpartum transitions manageable

  • Preparing for the unknown in birth.


  • 5 sessions. 3 hours each session.

  • 1  one -on -one to clear any doubts or concerns about your practice.


  • Art Materials

  • Journals

  • Kindle version of book (Heart Centered Pregnancy Journal)

  • Audio Downloads

  • Templates for Birth Plans, Postpartum Plans, etc

  • Handouts and articles and more...

Birth is a life-altering, transformative event.


It requires more than affirmations, information dumps and pain coping techniques.

How would it feel like to embrace birth and all that comes with it instead of fearing it?


Birthing from within is dynamic, creative, fluid, and ever-changing.


Together, we’ll cover the physiology of birth, develop a pain-coping mindset, explore breathing practices and learn to foster resilience, self-compassion, and courage to walk through and into birth feeling empowered. 

This philosophy of birth was developed by trailblazer midwife Pam England who after a difficult birth asked herself deeper questions like: why I needed to k