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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions families usually ask about my offerings.

Please reach out if you have other questions not featured here.


What’s a Doula?

A doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support to birthing parents. They create a safe, nonjudgemental space for families to share their joys, fears, concerns, questions throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. They provide guidance, education, support well into the postpartum journey. 


Doulas do not perform clinical tasks like cervical exams, fetal monitoring or check for fetal heart rates or blood pressure. We do not offer medical care or make medical decisions for the birthing family.


Do you offer postpartum services?

Yes, I do. We will come up with a postpartum plan and you and your partner will decide what you need for the time we are together. It’s tailor to your needs. If you have a planned or unexpected Cesarean, I can support you in the hospital and afterward.

Do you stay the entire time of the labor?

Yes, though I may need to call my backup doula to relieve me if your labour is longer than 24 hours.

What is a backup doula?

A backup doula is a colleague who knows when I am on-call for each client’s birth and is also ready to cover me under the following circumstances:

  • I am not able to reach your birth first (circumstances out of my control)

  • I am sick when your labor starts

  • Your labor is nearing 24 hours in length

You have the option to meet my backup doula during the prenatal period. A backup doula can be provided for both in-person support as well as virtual support.

All logistics (including payment) of the backup doula are covered by me.

You have the option to opt out of having a backup doula.

When should I hire a doula?

As early as you want! The moment that you feel adding a doula to your birth team is the right fit for your family reach out. Doulas not only help with labor, but they provide emotional and informational support prenatally.


I have a Cesarean. Do I still need a doula?

Doulas are beneficial in all types of births. Having a doula for your cesarean can support your family in feeling calmer, more comfortable after your birth. I will be able to support you while you are recuperating in the hospital.

What do visits look like?

We will have at least two prenatal and one postpartum visits together.  Each session is bespoke to your specific needs and wants. Some of the topics we will cover your vision for this birth, birth preferences, measure comforts, postpartum plans, fears, preparing for breastfeeding, and any other concerns you might have about birth, and postpartum.

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