kind words from some of the families I've worked with

"The fact that Gabi is an extremely warm human being makes her an implicitly caring doula. She was there with us before, during and after the birth and supported us in various ways during each of these phases. But the most comforting was her presence in the hospital when I was going through the painful contractions. I would recommend her as a Doula to everyone who is expecting a child, whether a first child or the next, as it would make a huge difference to the memories that you would create because of the calming effect she has on the otherwise stressful period. Gabi is very knowledgeable and at the same time very practical and aware of the split-second critical decisions that are required to be taken on that day. She guided us constantly and kept the humor alive too. From me, my daughter Aira, and my husband Rajit - we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for agreeing to be our Doula as the privilege and honor was ours. You truly became a part of our family."

Arpita + Rajit  and baby Ayra

I had been looking to work with a doula and when I met Gabi I was very happy to have the chance to work with her. Gabi also does work as a birth story listener, and I appreciated that part of the experience which I was not expecting to have. Gabi helped us to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the journey prior to birth. During our labor, my husband felt very secure knowing that Gabi was by my side especially when he had to be away momentarily at times. After the delivery having Gabi at home with us to talk to and piece together the entire picture of our birthing experience was priceless.

We are so grateful that we had Gabi with us as she will always be a special part of our birth story.

Erika - mother of Baby Aryan

"With gratitude towards GOD Almighty that we know you.
We can’t thank you enough but our prayers will always be with you.
May GOD shower HIS mercy on You, grant you more health. 
May HE grant you contentment of the heart. 
The ability to look at life through the 'eye' of the heart.
Grant you true understanding & wisdom, let you recognize your own beauty

and strength that lies 'within' you. 
Let the light that is 'within' you shine & illuminate your pathway. 
Let the joy & happiness that lies 'within' you surface & spread all around you &

over all those whom you love.
Bless you always, forgive you & protect you
Thank you so much GABI
We sincerely appreciate you

Abbas - Father of Abbas

I met Gabi during a birth story listening session. She helped me to heal the emotional pain I went through in giving birth to my first born. She listened to my story and allowed me to express my frustration and hurt that led me to the path of my emotional healing.

It was a blessing that she was available on my EDD. During our meetings,

She listened to our birth preferences, concerns and provided suggestions.

Knowing that Gabi was our doula made me feel relaxed and less anxious.

Looking back, not only did I have a relaxed birth journey with my second child, the experience also helped me have closure on my first birth experience, which was a bit traumatic. I realized that everything that had happened was for the best.

I have my husband and Gabi to thank for that. 

She assisted my husband in making sure that our birth preferences were followed. Having her around allowed my husband some time to grab a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom without worrying too much about me because Gabi was there.

I thank God that I have met Gabi...she is an amazing doula, listener, and friend.

Michelle - Mother of Meghan

As my birth mentor, Gabi provided great support to navigate my upcoming birthing journey. She spoke about using BRAIN for all my decisions that I should be asked to make when in hospital and even had me go through a scenario to show me the best way to deal with a situation. This was immensely useful when I was in the hospital and as expected, was being pressurised into agreeing to interventions.
Gabi went through the Labyrinth of birth with me and that was pivotal in making me see the several stages of birthing. She guided me through it and as it was my first birth, I was grateful for all the explanation of what the journey could be like.
Being alone during my pregnancy and during the birth due to the pandemic wasn't easy but having Gabi around to answer all my questions and guiding me through was the support that I am truly grateful for. Her kindness, knowledge and love for the birthing experience shines through and makes you feel confident for the big day. Thank you Gabi

Sumaera - Birth Mentoring client

The experience we had with Gabi, was more than helpful, at times it felt essential. Gabi was able to assist us in preparing mentally for our special day.
She came to see us beforehand. Provided us with education and tools to use.

She made herself accessible at all times of the day and gave us the reassurance that she will always be available to assist.
On the day of, Gabi was an absolute superstar. In that special moment, everything was new and confusing to us, but, Gabi gave us courage and guidance. She was able to reinforce our birth preference the entire way through. The best way to describe her during those moments was calm, prepared, supportive and grounded.
Gabi was able to help shape our experience into one of the most life-changing moments of our lives. We wouldn’t change anything about it.
We have and will continue to recommend Gabi to friends and family, as we are forever grateful for her help.

Miro - Father of Baby Koa

A Mother Blessing is so incredibly special and sacred, if you have the opportunity to have Gabi plan one for you, it's a must.  Gabi asked me what I wanted and didn't want to include, she planned with my friends, arrived before I did and had everything ready. The Mother Blessing itself has been such a special memory my friends and I still cherish till this day. Being pampered, initiated, heard, BLESSED, in all the traditions Gabi included was truly the best Mother Blessing of all my pregnancies

Jenny Pena - mother of Rubi

Thank you so much for everything you have done to make us feel prepared, empowered and confident in having the birth experienced we desired. You helped us to feel ready for our special day, with all its curveballs and for all the necessary decisions. Most importantly, you made us feel like a team and you seamlessly joined our team. We will never forget having you as a part of this monumental moment in our lives and Kay's!

You have been an amazing spirit in this journey.

Kristin + Tarik + Baby Kai

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